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Testimonials from some of our Employees

Our team members are crucial to both the success of our stores and the thriving of the communities we serve. With each member comes a distinct experience and story that sheds light on the daily experiences and culture at Cost.U.Less. Their stories reflect their unwavering commitment and diverse backgrounds, from the obstacles they encounter to the encouragement they receive. Together, these narratives embody the diverse and dedicated spirit of our team.

“Our team and the communities we serve make working at Cost.U.Less enjoyable and rewarding. I always feel heard and trusted which has helped me grow my career with the company. We have a welcoming culture with great work-life balance. I am proud to be a part of our dynamic team.”

~ Marissa Farinas, Category Manager Softlines
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At Cost.U.Less, our procurement team plays a vital role in ensuring a smooth supply chain and cost-effective purchasing. Working in procurement means strategically sourcing and procuring goods and services to enhance our store’s operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. By carefully selecting suppliers and negotiation favourable terms, our procurement team ensures that we offer high-quality products at competitive prices.